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Because they care and because they have been there once and don't want you to go through the same things they did. Ultimately they care. Consider yourself lucky though some kids don't have it that easy. Good luck. :)

Life's tough...Don't like it, change it. Can't change it? Change yourself!

Well, I couldn't give a better answer than Corrine.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Oh dear, I think Your misunderstanding the role of all mother...our aim is to raise the best and the healthiest child that we can... its important how well you turn out for your future considerations and to discipline you ou set boundries which are expected to be followed ...Is Only OUR MOTHERLY instincts as to protect you...and to protect you is to love....Maybe try thanking her for caring enough about you to be strict

The other respondents are exactly right we are strict because we love you and we care and even though you think you know everything you don't. We've been there and seen more than you and we just want to try and keep you from making the same mistakes we have made.

I believe in giving enough rope to hang on, but yet watch with  the eye of a hawk punish when it is  called for, remember  to " train up a child the way he should grow and he will not depart from in "the end you will have won: LOVE AND LOTS OF IT AND THE  CHILD WILL ONLY LOVE YA BACK: REWARDS SO SO OFTEN WORK LESS YELLING PREACHING AND SCOLDING FIGHTING AND A LOT LESS HUMILIATION FOR THE CHILD IS THE BEST WAY,  SOFT LOVING TALKS IS THE KEY BREATH EASIER WITH THEM NOT AGAINST THEM, THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO...


live love and enjoy life, because LIFE is way to short to hold a grudge or to hate; is it really worth the effort it take to fight them all? BE happy and that takes work and that is worth the time and effort ! Wink Kiss love 2 all patchwork.

I'm not a mom so I can't speak from experience on that end of things. I can say my mom was strict with me and now that I'm on my own I'm glad she was. She helped me stay out of trouble and protected me when I didn't think I needed protection. Now I'm old enough to make good choices for myself. Unfortunately, a lot of my peers had liberal parents and the results are not good.

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