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Hi! I'm a 27 year old woman who's been in a relationship for three years, and at times, it's been AWESOME. He does have some outside issues- unemployed, car was repo'd, and still lives with his ...

Nicole, I am a preachers daughter also. I pray deeply that you look at yourself and realize how very important and special you are. He seems like a leech, I am not in the habit to call names, but this is how I truly see him. the simple fact that he would speak to you like that and complain because you actually have a life with a purpose is pathetic.  Most people in the music business waits tables (or whatever) during the day and plays there music at night. I understand everybody has financial woe's, but he seems to make it to his gigs and weddings, and the fact you said he speaks to you where your insides feel shredded, That is reality screaming at you to move on. He will not change his selfish ways, He said that from now on its going to be about him, Seems like that''s the way it always has been. you deserve someone who will value the things that you feel are important and support you with things you need to do, and definitely  forgive your past mistakes and NOT bring them up whenever it is convenient. Thank him for the 3 years and then say goodbye. Please, because he will be the same man 10 years down the line. Trust me, Ive been there done that. GOD bless you and good luck. Susan H-K MI

With GOD U can
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