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my ex dumped me because i was fighting people to much. and he said give it time and see what happens i kept on ringing him and trying to talk keep telling him i loved him and he didnt seem to care. then i seen him in person he said he wanted to be friends and i said yeah but i miss him and what him back what the hell can i do!?

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Quit fighting with people (a bad character flaw period).

Give it some time (i.e. quit calling him so much).

Don't look up topics that claim to get your ex to crawl back to you.

He sounds like he has some class... maybe that's what he's looking for also.

Your best chance is to do exactly the opposite (after he knows how you feel and what you want):  Don't call him and don't send him any messages.   Make him feel he misses you.  No offence, please, but I have the feeling that he wants to get out of that relation (the reason he mentioned can be worked out, so it is more than an excuse). 

Love is the battery of life....

So in addition to your anger problem, you're also acting like a psycho stalker ex-girlfriend.

Stop calling him. Your ex is trying to be nice, but he's done with you.

Learn from your mistakes. Let him go and move on.

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Hey this is Scott in NC. I have heard of this situation many times when women would call me on the radio station request line and tell me their problems.  I think if you love him thats one thing but I dont know how long you have known him.  If you have only known him a short time, i would get to know him more.  I think the key is if BOTH of you can sit down and talk to each other about your problems honestly and openly. Thats the key in a great relationship.  If you cant talk and work things out, the relationship will NEVER work. If this is the case,your wasting your time with this guy.  Stop calling him so much. If he cares about you in any way, he will CALL you.  If he wants just sex when he calls then leave him ASAP!!!  You will find someone later who will treat you ALOT better.  Good luck!! 

Hell, I wouldn't want a girlfriend that was always getting into fights either.  Sorry, just my opinion.

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