Do you think it's possible to trust an unpredictable person? Would you?

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Unpredictable, how?

Unpredictable, as in unconventional and spontaneous?

Or unpredictable, as in batshit crazy at the drop of a hat and for no apparent reason?

If the former, sure. Why not? Life with nothing but the conventional gets a little boring, doesn't it?

If the latter, probably not. Unconventional is one thing, but nuts is another. Someone who is not quite all there, or who is mentally unstable, is not someone I would trust much. And if I did, I'd certainly be circumspect in handing it out.


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   I would not trust an unpredictable person.  An unpredicatable person is mentally unstable.

   Asha, how are you?  I haven't seen your posts  in a long time.  I hope everything is OK with you.Smile

Be honest and be true to yourself.


I guess you CAN trust an unpredictable person to be UNPREDICTABLE if nothing else. LOL! Just like can always count on them telling a lie, the same with pedophiles and thieves.

I guess what I am trying to say can count a person being who and what they are. LOL. Unless by some miracle they have changed.

Bzzzz! Bzzzz!

Yes, I do. Trust with verification is always a objective indicator of what is going on. In addition, I trust people to be the people they are and accept it.

The real question is: Can you trust yourself to accurately judge who you are trusting.

People do what people do and they do things for all kinds of reasons. If they have a somewhat stable life and retain a vested interest in that life, they can be trusted to maintain it.

If they have a somewhat unstable life with issues to go along with it, then there is level of uncertainty that must be factored in.

For example: You have a family member who does drugs and steals things of value but retains a semblance of moral responsibility. But on occasions looses the will to behave correctly.

You simply factor that in and eliminate the opportunity for the person to steal anything from you but maintain all other ties in the hope of redemption.

Simple answer to a complex issue which does not cover all contingencies but it is a start. Continue to love the person and help them stay on the path of redemption whenever and wherever you can.

the bruce



i just read your post.  have you had a blood test lately? you sound like you are going thru the change., i am not tying to a smart mouth, lol  but that was the first thing that came to mind.  put your mind at ease and talk to your doctor.  i hope you find your answer.

God bless

nanadee   Cool 

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