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the feds do not collect child support, that is a state activity. A state can intercept a tax return from the feds to pay child support arrears but the state court must order it

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Ilive here in WV and as you can see they do nothing to help single parents who are not on welfare I have been tring to get child support for my kids that are now young adults 1996 he pays when he wants and what ever he wants I have had to hold down three jobs to support them And now two of them support our country and one is a dessiel machanic but they sure could use that money to get on their feet.I just think the Goverment needs to step up and maybe so many people would not have to depend on their state to take care of them


I googled W Virginia child support and got lots of stuff. Here is one. It's sounds as though your children are adults now. So you are owed back support for the years that you did not recieve any. That is a different legal thing.

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