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My 10 yr old is obsessed with poop. Yes, 10! I ...

My 10 yr old is obsessed with poop.  Yes, 10! I thought he'd get tired of it and get over it like so many other things. I guess I should make it clear it's poopy talk, poop this, poop that,poopy poop poop.All the live long day and night.  This is a "gifted" kid. No dumb dumb by any means but it's hard to tell lately. Why, why I ask.

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He likely finds this humorous. I suppose it can be attributed to youth and being male. You certainly can't tell anyone what to find funny, but you can teach him some lessons about courtesy. Let him know that if he thinks poop talk is funny that it's okay, but that he needs to consider everyone else around him. Let him know that sometimes what we find funny is offensive to others. Most children dont want to offend or hurt others. Let him know when it's appropriate to laugh at poopy jokes and when to keep them to himself. I wouldn't worry to heavily over this either. He's a child and as he matures so will his humor.

Thanks for the answer and reassurance.  Yes, he well knows how inappropriate a topic it is and would never use this lingo within earshot of other adults. Maybe not so much with his friends as he is very concerned with his "image".  But at home it never stops lately.

Well, when I was 10 I was obsessed with popular famous people. I would have paid a lot of money to touch a stick they may have kicked in passing! Do I think it is weird that she wants poop? yes, I do but maybe she wants something ultra personal. Can't get anymore personal than feces!

I suggest you get her something better. I saw on Ebay they have a personalized Justin Bieber pillow iron on so you could get it to say Sweet Dreams (girl's name) Love Justin. And it has his picture on it too. It sells for less than $10.00. I bet she would rather have a pillow next to her bed then poop.

As long as it's just poop you'd better count your lucky stars. When it turns to shit, then you might want to worry.

If he's getting a reaction from you, he's likely to keep doing it. On the other hand, if you and his dad were to join in and 'speak his lingo' on a regular basis (just as he does), I'm guessing his delight in "poop" would get real old, real fast.

Nothing is more of a turn off to a young person than dumb old geezer parents wanting to join in the game.

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