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Does family nudism lead to incest?

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As far as I know there is no evidence (research) to prove it.  
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  I believe that eventually family nudism will lead to incest.  There is no evidence or research found because people don't publicize incest.  They try to keep it hush-hush or a secret because it's something that people are not proud of telling other people.  If members of the family will expose their naked bodies, it is a big possibility that one could be tempted to go beyond the normal boundaries of proper behavior, hence be tempted to commit incest.

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no not at all my family and I have been nudist longer than our kids have been boen our oldest is 16 not one time has the thought crosset our mind

no not at all my children are all girls I have 4 4 of them ages 16,14.13,10 we have always been Nudist and never once thought of incest not once

Of course family nudism doesnt lead to incest, incest is having sex with a close blood relative. Being naked with them does not mean you are going to have sex with them. Even if they do, it would be there business, unless they get pregnant or they are underaged.

not really sure but i think it depends on the family

Not necessarily, though there are no doubt some very dysfunctional families who practice it in the nudist world.  People who are genuine nudists and naturists know when to see a body in a sexual context and when not to.  If you know of this activity going on with anybody you know, get the police onto the matter - it is highly illegal, not to mention immoral.

I am a nudist and have been since age 10; I am now 41. The answer to you question, no nudism does not lead to incest.  Being a nudist is a frame of mind that can be hard to understand or relate to unless you are and have been a nudist for awhile.

Incest is no issue any more (actually much less) than a family that does not practice nudism.  Do some research, there are studies out there and have been ongoing since the late 50's.


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