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Honestly, I want to know if other husbands spank ...

Honestly, I want to know if other husbands spank their wives.  I'm not interested in the debate of the issue, I just want to know yes or no. Do you spank your wife when she needs it?  There are a lot of men who do.  

I found someone on twitter than might interest you twitter.com/TraditionalLuvN  they have some interesting tweets.

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I have never heard of this before. Do you mean playful spanking in a private/intimate context or spanking as a punishment? I am  sure that spanking as a punishment would be considered abuse and while I know that you asked for "no debate," I find the possibility really offensive.

I'm married almost 3 years and my husband has never hit me. If he did, he'd be packing his bags and moving out that same instant.

Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about.

No, but i feel as if i get spanked by my wife on a daily basis. it is her way of keeping me in line


I am your worst nightmare. An intelligent smart arse.

I think back on a course in Russian studies I had in college where we learned about domostroi, a Russian concept that taught husbands to regularly beat their wives so that they remain faithful and always do the husband's bidding. I cannot understand how any man would spank his wife and then believe that she will always be there to love  and support him, to raise their children and build a warm, supportive and loving home. Such men belong in prison far from a degraded and intimidated wife, frightened children and from society. But to answer the question, i do believe there are husbands who beat or at least spank their wives. Beaten women should know that the situation never improves and they should see to it that their husbands are punished.

i find your question quite amusing because i cannot help but believe you are kidding .....playing spanky yes, i have never heard of forceful regular spanking and i agree it is abuse

Playful spanking is ok but spanking as a form of punishment is abuse.  I agree with the ladies.

No, I'm not talking about a "playful" spanking - several years ago in frustration with my wife's behavior and problems in our marriage I was again listening to her carry on.  I was angry, upset, frustrated and feeling that as usual, like many women do, that she was pushing me.  In frustration I put her over my knee and spanked her good.  She cried but saw what I was no longer going to put up with and that she was to respect me as her husband.  Our marriage made a 360 almost over night.  I have spanked her since then.  Interesting remedy.  I can't tell you what it did for our marriage.  I know some of you think this or that about it but I can only tell you it worked (s).  (and I know I'm not the only one who does it)

I don't know what actually goes on between you and your wife in your marriage and I won't pretend to know.  With that said, no matter what she has done to you or towards you, you have no right to "spank" her.  I think it is belittleing to spank someone (no matter man or woman) as a means of control.  If your wife wasn't respecting you, you should have handled it like a man instead of a bully and you should have spoke with her about what things upset you or bother you.  I know I would leave my husband if he ever touched me in a disrespectful way, including but  not limited to "spanking" me as punishment.  I wish more women out there were strong minded and knew that there is NO reason for spousal abuse.  Because in the end, that is what it is.

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