My mom just kicked me out of the house i am 16 and im chillen wit my boy but my mom wants me to come back i dont want to but i dono wat to do

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This sounds like what I went through also, but at 17. I was a jr in high school. My mom was having to many problems at home ,because my dad left her after 22 yrs. And I was nothing but in the way, and I knew it .Only my mom never did ask me to come back. Just think of what all I'm telling you. In one way (if you stay can you make it on your own ???) meaning you need to stay in high school no matter what trust me. Sometimes it's easier to live on your own and be poor. I know I was for me. I was very ,very poor, moved in with my boy friend ,finished high school ,(like normal) went through a trade school to do hair and later yrs to college. I married that boy friend now we will be married this month 20 yrs and I don't regret anything because I' m very happy and still couldn't live in peace with her we're just to different.  If you feel that you mother is a good ,hard ,working person who was/is raising you right, then go back. Your life will be much easier ,money wise. There are to many things for a 16 yr old to have to worry about that you shouldn't I. I have a 15, 11 and 9 yr old and I'd never kick out my child unless they were violent or being stupid taking drugs , but they would never to that. So if your life is normal at all. go home. At least until your out of school.Get a job that way you can get away from home and see what kind of money a 16 yr old earns!!! but is life at home is bad ,abuse ,drugs etc. leave!! your life will be better, but  poor.  Good luck   What state do you live in .I may be able to give you some info of where to go for help because your still a minor. p.s. Don't meet anyone on the net for help it's not safe .remember that.

ya i know now im living wit my boy friend and loving life thanx for your advice i would never do drugs or anything like that my boy is my world i live in sumner wa

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Well if you are happy with your boy and you think he is the one who would take care of you and would always be your support for the rest of your life then just convince your mom for him and start a new relation with your family.

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My sympathies. Probably a good idea to go back don't you think?

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I went through this also but I was just 15. I lived with friends for 2 years and got into a lot of trouble dropped out of school and got addicted to drugs.  Life hit hard and fast. I understand its hard to live with someone who kicked you out expecialy your mom but if their is any way you two can work things out go home and enjoy being a teen all bills paid where somebody cares about you. But if you cant no possible way dont be like me I cant stress enough how important your high school diploma is and stay away from drugs once your hooked it is the hardest thing to break. I'v been clean 2 years 6 months now and I still fight with my addiction every day. My advice is to go home your mother cares if she didnt she wouldnt want you home. moms are human too we make mistakes and you can still kick it with your boy on weekends  good luck

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