The first family paid a lower tax rate than the president's secretary, who makes less than $100G. Is this the pot calling the kettle Romney ?

The first family paid a lower tax rate than the president's secretary, who makes less than $100G. Is this the pot calling the kettle Romney ?

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They donated 170k to charity lowering their tax rate . Keep defending Myth ' I stash my money in the Cayman Islands so as not to pay taxes on them ' Romney

Sure - doesn't everyone you know have bank accounts in the Caymans? And they do that why? Is it because they give out free snorkels with new accounts do you think?

The "pot" that's pushing the "Buffet rule"? That one?

It's no wonder you people always have questions. You aren't very bright.

Obama is the one pressing for changes in the way taxes are paid , his secretary paying at a higher rate further proves his point , the point rightwingers seem to miss in this latest faux rightwing outrage .

The rightwingers are missing the point? Say it ain't so!

Next you're going to tell me that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.


Where's Harry Reids budget with all those tax increases for the rich ?

Last of the Mohicans

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