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Did you have a close relationship with your grandparents or a family member? if so what were some of the memorable moments ? Have you passed this experience on to your grandchildren ?

I have dear and close memories of my grandparents, how they used to lock the doors . . . to keep me from getting out.  It was something about that restraining order that kept people like me from leaving school until just before it began.

I remember when my math teacher handed me a problem.  He said, "If it takes a hen and a half a day and a half to lay an egg and a half, how long would it take a rooster to hatch a brass doorknob into a hardware store?"

Well, in the second grade, I had trouble figuring things like that out, which was surprising because I was 28 at the time. 

Then I said, "I give up."

The teacher looked at me and said, "So did the rooster."

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A Brown

My grandparents had a way of putting the fear of God and the switch in me whenI was growing up,but they were the most loving and understanding people when it came down to showing their true feelings. I have really missed my Grandmother who raised me to be the "old lady I am now".(not always the best but close." I also missed her fried chicken even now. I love your comment too.



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