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False statements in my medical records

what can I  do when a doctor writes false statements in my medical records

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What do you mean like he did it on purpose or by mistake.that is against state regulations and the Dr. could lose his licences. so do you mean what he wrote was not true or a mistake the Dr. can mark through the mistake and rewrite but he cannot erase it.would he do that is this something you have talked to him about.

I find it very hard to believe that a doctor can actually write false statements in a medical record on purpose. You can always consult a legal professional and lodge a complaint against this doctor.

Electronic Medical Records

um fucken vidya,, i dont find it hard to beleave cause i im having it happen to me!!!!

Yes. My 28yr old niece's mother is friends w/ her doctor and the doctor discusses my niece's health and personal life w/ her mother.

The mother wanted to get control of my niece's social security checks and food stamp card so she told the doctor that my niece hangs out w/ bad people who don't have jobs and take advantage of my niece and said she makes 'poor choices.' (my niece has never had a single late payment on any of her bills!) 

The doctor wrote that my niece's mother called and said she is going to take over my niece's finances.

Then the doctor wrote that my niece came in w/ her mother to go over a form from social security. The dr. wrote that my niece admitted she could not handle her own finances and never goes to the store on her own (my niece never went to the dr. w/ her mother!)

Then the doctor completed a form from social security stating that my niece is unable to handle her finances and requires her mother to be her payee. On the section where it asks if the patient will ever be able to handle his/her own finances, the doctor checked NO!

My niece doesn't even live w/ her mother! Now her mother receives her $700 social security check and doesn't give my niece any of it to pay rent, food, cell phone, etc..  We have reported it to the social security office that the mother is fraudulently misusing her benefits, to no avail.  My husband and I became her payee for one month but the mother has a friend in her social security office who put her mother right back as payee (even though we have reported that she spends the money at casinos and does not give the money to our niece as she claims.)

Her mother forged her checks and cashed them as well as the title to her car. Then she stole my niece's car on Xmas Eve right out of her driveway!  The police say these are civil matters and she needs to get an attorney and take her mother to court!  (HOW can she pay for an attorney????)

SO many laws are being violated and our hands are tied. Everytime I call anyone on her behalf, I get shut down and treated like I am making up stories and am a problem causer. People say she can speak for herself and she should call if she has concerns... When she calls, people just blow her off!

The doctor is violating HIPAA laws by discussing her healthcare w/ her mother or Anyone else! My niece does not have a guardian or power of attorney. Regardless that she has a learning disability and is on social security, I don't believe that means this gives the doctor the right to discuss her to ANYONE else w/out her written consent.

Then, for the doctor to falsify her record and send a report to social security that made it so her mother now receives her monthly income (All due to the mother calling the doctor and making up B.S. about her & the doctor taking what the mother said as truth...) 

WHAT can be done to this doctor???  This destroyed my niece's life. We have been having to loan her money to live on for the past 8 months and help pay bills. She owes her landlord 7 months of past due rent...

i am going through this also as my doctor states that i abuse alcohol and that i have 3 glasses of wine a week. i am on coumidin and i have been for 3 months now. i have not even drank wine in 10 or more years and even before i took these meds, i didint have 3 drinks of beer a month. peter_colantonio@yahoo.com


My doctor is doing the same thing to me, with the false statements. I went to her because the medication I was on, Darvon, was pulled from the market. This was only the second time she has ever seen me and she didn't want to take the time to talk about my past or medical reasons. I asked her for a different narcotic, because they were the only thing where working on me, but instead she put in my record that I was feigning (faking) my injury and that I was displaying drug seeking behavior. She does not know my case and  she said I do not have the time to go through this with you. I want that out of my record because it is a false statement. If she would look at my history she would know why I was on Darvon.

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