Fake sand castles

How can I make a fake sand castle (as part of a large centerpiece consisting of sand, candles, and a small treasure chest?)

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I'd use cardboard to form the basis of your castle (empty toilet and paper towel tubes, tissue boxes and so on), then assemble the cardboard components into a design which pleases you.

Cover the outside of your creation with a thin layer of craft glue (do only a small section at a time, so it does not dry too quickly). Sprinkle a layer of sand onto the glue and shake off the excess. Repeat until the entire 'castle' is covered and allow to dry until set.

If you do not care to use actual sand (if you're worried about granules of sand making their way into the meal), you can use colored sugar crystals instead.

You can find a variety of colored sugar in specialty baking shops or in the specialty aisle of your local grocer; or just cruise the bulk food bins at the health food store and look for something that resembles the color and texture you want.

Good luck!

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I make sugar eggs. You can make sand castles the same way.  Use brown sugar and water.  4 Cups sugar to 4 or 5 TSP water.  Pack a mold.  What ever you have or I saw a castle mold at Michaels in the cake decorating section, it's a Wilton product.  Turn the mold out on card board.  Dry for about 2 hours or put in an oven at 250 for about 10 minutes.  Scoop out the damp center and dry compleatly.  Put section together with royal icing.  Have fun.

You can use sand covered styrofoam, or cardboard sprayed with adhesive. or use sand itself mixed with white glue to form it then let dry.

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