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What is inside these fake Oxycontin 80s?

What are the fake Oxycontin 80s typically made of?  Fifteen out of the past 25pcs of OC 80s have resulted in receiving the fake Oxycontin 80s.  From what I have observed, it is impossible to tell the difference by simply looking at them.  Whatever is in the fake ones does help reduce the pain.  It also makes me extremly tired.  However, there is no warm euphoric effect.  I don't even get the taste or the drainage down my throat.  I sure would like to know what is in these.  Some websites suggest that Fentanyl is being used.  Would also like to know how to tell the difference between real and fake before actually buying them and scraping them down.  Also I have noticed that the white powder, after the pill has been scraped, is finer in the fake OC 80 than in the real OC 80.  Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Looks like I've had some viewers of my question but no replys yet.  Anyone out there at least familiar with the fake OC 80s that are flooding the streets?  Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the real vs. fake ones just by looking at them?  I mean these things in comparison are identical.  I cannot tell any difference, and therefore I find myself getting burned.

these fake pills right now are being produced around the clock in the dominican republic and nigera, areas which are known for fraud i myself have seen the pills and they look ligitement. the only way to prevent this is know who your getting them from and do one of random selection before you buy in bulk

on one occasion i have seen these fake oc's without the 80 on he back when they first appeared, now the only way you might tell is when you have several of them you might have some oddballs that are slightly a darker green. also i have found that these pills usually also peel a bit different than the real deal.

Thanks for the feedback.  This fraud is getting rediculous!  I doubt the feds are doing much about it because these phonies are most likely cutting down on black market sales of the realy ones because buyers are probably getting frustrated at wasting their money and receiving fake pills.

the fakes prolly break into finer powder because they are not pressed with as much force. I went through my fake pill making phase but the problem is you cant just give someone a fake and expect a repeat customer. My way was the best way. I was making fake 80s out of real 40s and 20s. A real OC 80 weighs 27 hundredths of a gram. That's .27 on a GOOD hundredths scale ( 0.01 grams). You want a real 80, weigh it. If you break down the weight, you can mix crushed 40s and 20s and press 26 hundredths of a gram of the powder with a pill press made for 80s, coat it, and have a perfect copy that will come out the same density because you used the same weight, it will still have pain relieving qualities, still gets you high, still get a drip, still tastes like "real OC", and your profit margin will increase by approx. 25-30 percent. The drugs aspect breaks down to about 55 to 58 mg in a "fake" OC 80. Very successful when used off and on with real 80s in sales.

any ?s or comments, or if you'd like to hear some more ideas, get resources or info, email me. I'm retired as a drug dealer but i was so good at it, or good as scamming drug dealing, i love sharing success.


If you cant do it right, make em think your "wrong" is "right", and their "right" is out dated. (just dont tell em why)

Some fakes contain fentanyl, zamax, ketamine or even herion.  Depends on source. Bigger sources of fakes could end up killing people, and of course cheating them. If this is big-scale operation, maybe scary! Generics might not look like the reall thing, but if these are "homemade," they could have toxic ingredients too.  Toxics might not kill you fast, but can do damage... I have more if you're interested... Hang in there!

There's a couple ways to recognize the fakes. The "O" and the "C" as well as the "8" and the "0" are spread apart a bit farther on the fakes. Also, when you suck off the coating it comes off way too easy on the fakes but the only way to know that is through experience with the real ones I guess. There's been a ton of those fake ones hitting the streets here in the Portland, OR area lately (July/June 2009) and from what I've heard they're coming from these rogue Internet "pharmacies". They're pretty good fakes but man it sure makes me mad that people are doing this.  As far as what's inside them? I have no clue but the crap sure burns like hell!!!!   LOL

the only true way to determene if the oxy 80's are real is to try smoking them.  fake oxy's won't run down the foil.  They will stay in the same spot for the most part.  Some will run but the trail that is left will not be completly black. The real oxy's will leave a thick dark black line as they are smoked. Another thing to look for is the print on the pill is slightly different the 8 & the 0 is bigger and the oc is smaller........

How To Smoke OxyContin; First take the coating of the pill (scrap it off or put it in your mouth for a few seconds and rub it off with cloth).  After the coating is completly off and the OxyContin is white. You can cut the pill into quarter. Get a piece of regular renyolds foil(Not the cheap kind, non stick, or heavy duty). Also try to use a flattened piece if possiable it will smoke way better. Then take a quarter of your pill and put it on foil. Take a lighter and heat the bottom of the foil where you put your quarter on so that way the pill will stick to the foil(this way it will always stick to the foil and you don't loose anything) Get a straw and cut it in half or you can get a pen and take the insides out(this is called a hooter, tooter, or a sucker straw). Make sure that you hold the foil at a angle approx.45 deg. angle. Apply the lighter to the bottom side of the foil, and start smoking. MAKE SURE U HOLD THE HIT IN  AS LONG AS YOU CAN LIKE WHEN U SMOKE WEED. " only in seattle wash" Are we the only ones that smoke oxy's reply 2 this ???

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