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Can anyone on earth tell me the verse where Christ said anything good about RELIGION, RELIGIOUS LEADERS or the DEVIL?

Genuine religion is now and always has been love.  We love God, we love each other.  Love and faith are the same.

So, why does our loveless and faithless Walkingglass come here preaching atheist hate?  Because he has managed to alienate all decent persons from him permanently because of his bitter atheist games.

Atheists have a long track record for doing absolutely anything that is hateful, evil, and destructive, thinking that if they cannot merit love, they will instead form a baser and coarser relationship of hate.  Atheists must behave in the most hateful ways that they can imagine and that will always include cult violence.  There is no better explanation for all the actions of atheists than that.

Psychiatrists have their own definition for this variety of misconduct but it is still mindless hate.  That only makes atheists the most pitiable things on the planet because hatred accomplishes nothing but misery.  That is why atheists never make friends, form lasting families, or live in peace.  It is all the fault of atheism and there is no use trying to help them.

When atheists look forward in their lives they see terrifying loneliness which of course atheists always do to themselves.  It is absolutely required that atheists be lonely old bigots therefore that is why they want to be hated.

It is absolutely senseless to be so antisocial that atheists cannot get along with anyone, but that is all atheism has ever done and the result is always violence.

Pity atheists but do not waste effort trying to help them.  Atheists made their own misery therefore it is appropriate to let them suffer it -- alone.


If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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