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Can anyone on earth tell me the verse where Christ said anything good about RELIGION, RELIGIOUS LEADERS or the DEVIL?

It appears that Physicalist is up to his old atheist games again.  Now he is posting as Walkingglass in his Hitlerian effort to divide and conquer, which proves yet again that Hitler was an atheist, just like Physicalist.

Without any doubt, Physicalist will post on this ridiculous loaded question as Reverend Cooper, or Dixon, or Tony, or the other hundreds of psychotic screen names he uses to prove his cult is still a genocidal cult.

All that he can prove is that all atheists are psychotics and that is why they all act just like Timothy McVeigh.  You remember, McVeigh was the atheist who murdered 185 people at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City with a truckload of explosives just like the Muslims exploded in front of our Marine barracks in Riyadh.  That was just to prove that all atheists and muslims are exactly alike: ignorant, violent, and corrupt.

How convenient that he tipped his hand so clearly, proving yet again that all atheists are as bigoted as was Hitler.  That was already obvious, noting that atheists are also compulsive liars.


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another non stop posting day by rocmike and its aliases. do you have any kind of life?

Lady Aban Ceaulosevic Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Atheists like dfrogpong must always go out of their way to be hateful and hated, which explains them accurately.  Loveless atheists cannot act rationally because they have brainwashed themselves to be hateful, bigoted, surly, and evil.


All atheists are like that so there is no use trying to help them.  They brought all their miseries on themselves purposefully and they deserve to suffer their self made miseries alone: forsaken, forgotten, forever.

Lisa Thinks this answer is Helpful:

We just all need to pray for thrse people. The almighty will judge him. and the rest of us.

Its to bad we all cant edify each other and to walk with the way he wants of us.

The Holy Spirit is alive and is moving very strongly through out the united States and around the world.

Satan will not win, Christ is alive in us and he rules .

So I will not throw my pearls to the swine. Satan will always be behind. So get behind satan. We know who tho worship and that one is the Lord of the most high. I will continue to sing my praises.

Mike Dudley Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Christ already won the war.  There are a few mopup-ops to do but that won't take much longer.

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