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When Faith Steps in… Sung by the McKameys


When you call on one who you cannot see


And you give him your heart for all of eternity


That’s when….. faith begins


When you turn away from all of your sin


And you trust in the Lord to cleanse you within


That’s when….. faith begins


In childlike trust you hold out your hand


Simply believing salvations plan




When you feel you can’t go on another day


Yet still somehow you kneel down and pray


That’s when….faith steps in


When all seems lost there is no hope in sight


But still you sing all through the night


That’s when….faith steps in


Faith brings joy and peace in the midst of the storm


It sends out a lifeline when you are tossed and worn




When you say goodbye to your dearest friend


And through tear filled eyes you say I will see them again


That’s when….faith steps in


When you take your last breath in this world down here


And you close your eyes without any fear


That’s when….faith steps in


Faith will carry you where feet have never trod


Safely to heaven into the arms of God




When you open your eyes to that heavenly scene


And you realize it isn’t a dream


That’s when….Faith will end


When you gaze on him face to face


And you rest in his sweet embrace


That’s when….Faith will end


That’s when….Faith will end




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can i find this (the song) with music online??


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