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It's just not fair Waaaaaaaah

Why do protestants destroy jewish places of worship. Or is it jews that do that to get on the media? Do they ever catch them?


I know the jews were in the KKK with the protestants during the 50's and 60's while all you ever hear to this day is black churchs being burned down but you never hear of white protestant churchs ever being touch.

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Only atheists have a reason to lie.  It is all that atheists ever did well.  That is why no one respects atheists at all.


I'M not religious - I don't go to atheist churchs.


"Only atheists have a reason to lie. It is all that atheists ever did well. That is why no one respects atheists at all."


I was actually talking to someone in case he deletes it.

MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Edicous, I realize that atheists are quite soft between the ears hence they are incapable of any form of reason, rational thought, or critical thought.  That is absolutely proven repeatedly therefore the case is settled beyond all question.




Did you really expect an intelligent person to buy that atheist nonsense?  You have a vivid imagination, but pal, your atheist fantasies are so unscientific that only atheists would be gullible enough to buy them.


The joke is on you.  I find it mildly amusing, but atheists aren't very smart.

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Rocmike aka AP you have posted 2 hours under dfrogpong, 5 hours under Dr. Kelly, 4 hours under Top Renner with some anonymous sprinkled in. Bringing your total t0 43 hours of  posting in the last 60 hours. Rocmike what a sad lonely life you have.


Do they ever catch them I asked - Hows that a lie Renner?



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