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how do you not faint at football practice when its hot out?

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Drink water or a sports drink like Gatorade.  That should keep your blood pressure up.

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What causes left arm numbness, faintness, clamy?

Yeah, I'd on the way to the ER

Why do you faint when your mad?

Blood in your mind flows elsewhere.....your mind can't handle the excitment....Cool off, and RELAX!!!!

What to do if you see your girlfriend faint?

put your back in your pants!

Vasa vega why do people faint

Vasovagal syncope is an episode of fainting to to a sudden drop in blood pressure from any of a variety of factors, such as emotional distress, extreme surprise, or heart disease. The condition is usually not dangerous, with the exception that you may injure yourself during such an episode -- i.e ...