I failed my corrections urine test, and i hadn't ...

I failed my corrections urine test, and i hadn't smoked in a long time, can i appeal it, and how? Am I still eligible to take the NYSDOCS test again, or possible the urine test, please answer

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Unless you can come up with a good valid reason why you failed the test, it's not likely you will be able to re-take the test or be eligible for the NYSDOCS test again.

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Were you on any medications at the time of your test?If so,it might be a false negatives.You will have to prove that you were at the time of the test.How long how you not smoked be for your test?They might want you to do a hair test,these test go back for a period of 30 to 90 days.Every half inch of hair =30 days.Good luck.

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