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I was trying to build a Facebook app, following ...

I was trying to build a Facebook app, following thier guide at the dev.facebook, and so far it works, but only as a side-box on my main page. I still can't get to learn all the rope, and mainly - I can't get to activate/use/access the main canvas. Can you advice about some more resources for doing this, or else, share your experience?

Many thanks in advance :-),

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When you say "Main Canvas" are you referring to a user's mini feed or to a profile box?

If you are referring to the profile box you need to call the setFBML function which allows you to set FBML code that will appear in the user's profile.

If you are referring to the mini feed and you want to post items to a user's mini feed about actions performed in your application you need to use the publishActionOfUser function. 

In addition to the official documentation I recommend going to the Developer's Wiki as well as the IRC channel. The IRC channel has lots of Facebook developers hanging around with lots of knowledge and the will to help.

Of course you can also continue asking questions here Smile

One must do what one must do

To create facebook application follow the steps:


Go to Geimaginationcubed.com. Pick up the marker and write a brief message that you would want to display at Facebook. Lets say, "Welcome to my Imagination."

Click on the Send tab and enter your own email I.D. in the pop-up window. Hit enter.

Open your email account and click on the link that you had self-emailed through "imagination cubed." Make sure the animated message that you had written originally replays accurately. If everything is okay, copy the link from the browser's address box and save it in the notepad.

Log in to your Facebook account. Go to "Applications" and click on the icon "Developers."

Click on the button "Set Up New Application." Enter any catchy name for your application. I used "My Imagination."

Click on the "Optional Fields" link to display the rest of the page. Enter the following information as shown in the photo:For Canvas Page URL: enter a relevant name in the text box, such as "imaginationatwork." The canvas page URL is the page where your application exists at Facebook. Check the radio button "Use iframe."Select a name of your application's tab (which will be visible when a user first adds it to his profile). I used "B's Imagination."Choose "Website" as the Application Type.

Enter the following information (see photo for assistance):Check "Yes" for the option "Can your application be added on Facebook?"Select "Resizable" for "Default Iframe Canvas Size" option.Upload your icons and logos--you can use the same or different pics.Check "users" for "Who can add your application to their Facebook account?"For "Post-Add URL" enter the entire the Canvas page URL. In my case it will be "http://apps.facebook.com/imaginationatwork/".

For more info visit: http://windows7.iyogi.net

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