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What is the "wall" in facebook, how should it be used and why is it interesting?

What is the "wall" in facebook, how should it be used and why is it interesting?

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I had to look this up, because I didn't immediately see the distinction between the Wall and Notes.  The Wall is essentially a place for your Facebook friends to post notes on your profile (or for you to post notes on your friends' profiles).  Notes is a place for you to post notes on your own profile (or for your friends to post notes on their profiles).  In other words, the Wall is like a message board or guestbook; Notes is like a blog.  (See the help pages for the Wall and Notes.)

In my view, the Wall is interesting if you and your friends make it interesting.

The wall, poke and other nuances are facebookism for ways of communicating and publishing.  The wall is really just a public comment on someone else's profile.  It's a way of expressing yourself, subtly marketing something or give your friend a little love. 

You can climb it, throw things over it, maybe get out a little spay paint and do some wall art.   Just kidding.  Actually when you add the grafitti app you can spray paint on someone's wall.  And if you add the application for the super wall you can do pretty rich stuff like add a picture or video to someone's wall.  Have fun!

On the "walled garden" 

Facebook is a "walled garden" because the vast majority of Facebook is not publicly crawlable by search engines or the general public.   It's that whole damn "permission" thing.  Anyway, developers push what they can in terms of making interesting applications in facebook, but generally speaking people need to grant appropriate permission in order for data to be moved around or viewed in facebook.

are you fivenines? let's be rich together.

Hi Ted.  The Wall seems to be a perfect place for BD wishes. BTW - when you send a "paid" gift in FB, it comes up on the wall (vs. a free gift).  Wondering how many people have bought paid gift credits?

I don't feel obligated to answer every post on a wall, but I do answer pokes (unless i don't want to get into a poke war with the person). 

As with much of FB functionality, it is all about the feed.. and getting attention.  This attention feeds the "relationship economy" we are all participating in!



Found this site looking for similar info myself. May be of help:



The "wall" on the Facebook is really just a quick and fun way to drop a note to a friend to say hi, even if it's someone you haven't spoken with in years.  You can also see the other people that they have been in contact with in recent history.  It is also a nice way to make a joke for anyone to see.  If you want to send a message about something important, you can send a private message to the person on the Facebook.  The "wall" is more for the fun of it. 

hi ted shelton, the "wall" offers a direct one-on-one communication with your friend in facebook. it is open to the public for view so be mindful what you say to each other. you can send wonderful e-gifts, or music using the "wall". have fun in facebook !

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The Facebook wall makes your messages readable by the recipients friends.

If this isn't what you're seeking to achieve, consider using Facebook Chat and Facebook Private Messages which are both private - i.e. between you and your friend only.



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