Eyeball pain after cataract surgery

I had cataracts..had them removed and RESTOR lenses put in both of my eyes. The left has been okay...Perhaps not seeing as well as I expected but OKAY.

My right eye is NOT ..OKAY..I have actual Pain in the lower right area of the eye ball itself....the pain is sharp and like a stabbing...this eye also always feels like sand or hair is in it....I am always aware of the right eye. The pain is not around the middle of the eyeball where the lense is it is mostly as I said the lower right area...if a clock face it would be at about five ...I keep telling the dr who does nothing except give me a new RX for eye drops...none have helped...Is there a specialist in the Houston,Texas area I should go see....??? What kind of eye specialist should I see.

Something is very wrong but I feel like the doctors I have seen just don't know or don't care.

It is the old 'if it isn't broken or bleeding' theory doctor's don't listen.  I need help NOW...or I should say Yesterday. There is no way the PAIN I am having is acceptable or normal...my doctor is so dumb..I was told.."it is alergies" NO it is not...and...when I told her I was having trouble with the eye it was dismissed. Even after the surgery she blamed the RX's I have to take for other conditions on the fact I could not see out of the right eye as well as the left....I questioned "why" and "how" would my RX's single out ONLY the right eye a fact that she could not answer and so she just blamed the RX's(which is pretty much impossible if only ONE eye is affected) and gave me absolutely no satisfactory answer.

HELP...before I go blind in the right eye only to learn there WAS a REAL problem that could have been taken care of and was NOT.

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You are absolutely right to be concerned about your right eye and to be angry with your doctor. Have you thought of getting to see someone in Ophthalmology at the University of Texas in your city, Houston? This university has one of the best oncology departments so I would think that ophthalmology is also excellent.

This is their link:


Please do it quickly and I wish you all the best and excellent seeing. 


Sounds like a plan and I am going to follow your link and locate a doctor. The strange thing is besides it only being the right eye it comes and goes and I can't relate the pain to any one issue.

Thanks for taking the time to answer...

The measure of LOVE is what you are willing to give up for those you LOVE.

Did you find out what was wrong? My dad is having the same problem and his doctors are just dismissing it. He had his surgery Tuesday and today is Friday. Please let me know, A.S.A.P.


Message my myspace, because I won't remember this website



no I have not and it is because "it" has gotten alot better and has not bothered me so I have now not gone back to the dr.....hope it works out for the person you are concerned about.

The measure of LOVE is what you are willing to give up for those you LOVE.

Hi my mother has been experiencing the same problem and the Dr's recently gave her more drops she is getting ready to see if she could possibly have the lense removed because she can't stand it any longer. She recently was talking to lady that said she had the same thing and her Dr. finally after months and months of drops went back in and found out it was not just dry eyes, but one of the stitches had not dissolved. So she goes back this week and is going to ask if either of these are possible options. Good Luck

"Thanks"....I just don't know...saw a dr. in the Medical Center here in Houston...HE hates any of these lenses and said.."just get them both out"...and I am NOT doing that...as bad as it is it is better then contacts or glasses...

My pain is like a pin point ....strange...the eye just is not "right" and I have not gone back to the dr. who did it....my plan is to soon go see another one..."yes" she continued to blame it on "dry eyes"....and ...If anything....it "runs" water at times....

I really am mad as hell cause I do drive at night and I learned the ones that were put in ARE NOT recommended for 'anyone who drives at night'....a fact I did not know.....the "glare" and "rings" around lights are awful as well....and depth perception is not good either.....I refuse to believe all of this is just accepted as FACT......but finding the dr. who really KNOWS what to do is not easy....as I have found out.....

Let us all know here what happens.....

The measure of LOVE is what you are willing to give up for those you LOVE.

thanks you btdawgh too much for this wonderful advices

thanks again

good luck

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A note for those who use eye drops. My husband had cataract surgery today. (The second eye) Both times he experience a lot of pain and could not open his eye for a couple of days after the surgery. We have deduced he must be having an allergic reaction to the post surgery drops or  the drops used to dilate his eyes before surgery. I've been reading about allergic reaction to eye drops.  If my suspicions were correct then a bottle of Refresh lubricant will be bought first thing in the morning. It's a big possibility that the eye drops he's been using is what's causing all the pain for him. I googled "eye pain after cataract surgery".  Please read dryeyepain.com "allergic eyes" and see what you think. I hope this helps someone out there to find the answer to their eye pain. Wink 

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