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Extremely abscessed tooth and elevated white blood count

During a routine yearly physical, blood tests showed my white blood count was doubled. I had been having jaw pain for some time and was diagnosed with TMJ. X-rays showed a possible spot of infection but nothing else to suggest an abcessed tooth. The Hematologist diagnosed Chronic Lymph.Leukemia. After a few more weeks , pain became more severe in my jaw and returned to my dentist. X-rays determined this time a slightly larger infection in the same tooth . The tooth had a cap on it and used to hold up bridgework. My dentist removed the cap and found extensive decay and infection. He gave me antibiotics and pain medicine. My question: could the extensive infection from the abscess have caused my white blood count to double and is it possible that I don't have CL Leukemia?

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did the doctor do a bone marrow biopsy ??? if the have not then i would say you should get one done !!!! and any infection can make your blood count higher !!! god bless and good luck

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