How would you explain the differences between a "fairy-tale forest" and a real-world forest?

How would you explain the differences between a "fairy-tale forest" and a real-world forest?

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The real one will be cool, in the shade, and the sounds of birds will be real and there will be other animals there besides you.   And the real forrest performs and important environmental function for the air and in fairy-tale forrest you don't have to worry about the lions, tigers and snakes.

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I think that the fairly-tale version is a lot more mystical than the real forest, at least that's how I have envisioned it. But real forests are for real people, so I wouldn't want to be found in one that doesn't exist. Tongue out

No-one ever steps in bear doo-doo in a Fairy-Tale-Forest. 

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I live in a real forest and have never seen a young girl wearing a red cape skipping to grandma's house.  For that matter, I have never seen a house with three bears lving in it or a house made entirely of candy and gingerbread.  Never seens any dwarves . . . . . or trolls . . . . .or giants.  My animals don't talk to each other, and my skunks actually spray.  I have never been able to enlist these animals to clean my house or make my clothing or prepare my food, either.  Oh, and I have never seen a wolf dressed up like my grandmother.

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A 'fairy-tale forest' would be one described by author and/or artist, which combines an element of imagination. I have many happy memories of children's books illustrated with spooky woods or where the trees have faces, such as in the Lord of the Rings.

A real-world forest is what you see when you explore nature first-hand. There are exceptions where maybe man has cultivated a beautiful arrangement of trees or an 'accident' of nature has formed a view of exquisite beauty. Then the artist may not be human!

In the fairy tale forest you see lions, and tiges, and bears, and the occasional oh my.

In the actual forest you see Elks, Moose, Lions, Masons, Odd fellows . . ..

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