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Has anyone had any good experiences investing in gold?

Has anyone had any good experiences investing in gold? I've heard a lot of people talking about their "gold portfolio," but is it really a profitable endeavor?

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Yes. I've acquired gold when it was $3 hundred and change per ounce only several years ago, and is now trading at over $1300. There is a direct corresponding measure on gold to market that any investor must pay attention to in order to bet on short runs. Long run speculation though, is a bet worth taking. In the early 1900's, gold ran in the tens of dollars. Fifty years later, it ran in the hundreds per ounce. Today... well - you already know we're well over $1,000/troy ounce (or 31.2 grams). But gold also had an up-shot to $800 an ounce before falling again to the 3's and 4 hundreds. As to wheather or not you should invest in gold, it really depends on your investment goals and longevity strategy. Like all investments, there is risk of loss; but as the saying goes, you don't lose until you sell low!

Unless you're a professional trader, or have their expertise at hand, I don't recommend short-term investing in gold... the market is volital and shifting quickly from day to day. Long term however, I think gold will hit well over $2K/an ounce in the next 10 to 15 years... but that too is speculation.

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