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Why won't anything work but excedrin for my headaches

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The body is a amazing device. Its really not made to have headaches. Most drugs will destroy the natural function of the body. I would really suggest that you find the source of this so called headache and correct it rather then cover it with meds. Even a simple vitamin pill can change the bodies natural function. 
Saying that, some drugs have (stuff) that others do not and will affect the body in different ways. Not all pain relievers are the same.  Use extreme caution.

I would also like to know why.  I have tried everything, but the only thing that works on headaches is the excedrin, (the aspirin, acetominophen and caffiene combo).  I can take tons of regular aspirin, no luck.  So why? Anyone?  And any natural supplements instead of the excedrin.  I would love to just take a vitamin, but havent found anything and I have tried everything.

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