How do you evict a Family Member from your home?

How do you evict a Family Member from your home?

Help!  My best friend allowed her daughter with 2 children (ages 2 & 4) to move into the home she owns, in New York (after her daughter separated from her alcoholic husband).  The problem is her daughter is very disrespectful, offers no monetary support towards groceries or  any other household needs for her own children.  My friend also watches these grandchildren while her daughter attends to her night job being a NYC Police officer.   My friend also holds a full time job during the day and cannot afford this extra expense and stress each month, its killing her financially.   Her daughter refuses help with cleaning up after herself with the normal everyday things and purposely leaves things around to annoy her.   She verbally abuses her mother by telling her she is psychotic and laughs in her face when her mother tells her it is time for her to find her own place and start being a mother.  Her daughter threatens her with arrest whenever their arguments get loud. The daughter claims the Mom cannot make her leave her own home!  What is my friend's recourse?  She is a prisoner in her own home, please help!


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You need to assert yourself.Call the police, apply the law of the land.You are allowing this child to run out of control.Too much indulgence now she expects a slave relationship.Do your duty otherwise this parasite will tag others and abuse them oin the same way.Emotional blackmail on a family member is a disgrace and you are allowing it.You do not have to suffer this.

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