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"Selling eternal life is an unbeatable business, with no customers ever asking for their money back after the goods are not delivered." -Victor J. Stenger (1935-); American particle physicist and ...

Hi Physicalist,

   Maybe so . . . but it could also have come about in one of the previous Big Bangs (which some physicists are opting for - back to infinity - as the new science).  All Science, it would surely seem, has been relearned over and over by sentient life-forms since the first DNA molecule was formed perhaps a million Big Bangs ago.  Knowing how much sentient beings would like to discover a way to maintain their awarenss of being beyond the death of the body, and given that it seems more than reasonable that a science evolved in some cultures for millions of years further than it has presently evolved in ours, eternal life (for those who desire it) may be readily available these days.  How can we know differently?  All of space and all of "no space" may be filled with entities of perfect love, truth, wisdom, and understanding working on the one thing which would be a worthy product of life: an ever increasing degree of love throughout each present universe with the capacity to bond together and create further Big Bangs when all the new love has been squeezed out of this universe.  Can you imagine trillions and trillions of individual eternal forms of love, truth, wisdom, and understanding balling together into one fantastic love fest?  If you can't . . . try harder.  Money mouth 

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Chuck--The evolution of eternal life from millions or even an infinite number of previous big bangs. That is quite a fanciful idea you have there. I just do not believe that it is possible to preserve the personality in such a perfect state of existence that is forever sustainable. There is nothing but conjecture to support your clever fantasy. I see plenty of constraints from the nature of matter and energy. Each universe ends one way or another when it runs out of matter after a deep freeze or a big crunching implosion. We have too violent a universe to enable a reasonable expectation that a universe of love can exist. Thus eternal life remains the naturally evolving thoughts of the ancients before they realized in a grand insight that we are evolved from animals. We are nothing divine or special. We die forever! Everything else is hopeful and wishful thinking. 


Well, Physicalist, I would have been just as skeptical if somebody told me (at age 14 or so) that before I died I could be sitting in my car, driving down route 5 in Washington State, and speak my brother Bill's name into the atmosphere while having a tiny little device hooked to my ear, and start talking to my Brother out at the end of Cape Cod. 

Yet, given the small amount of time dealing with science to date, and the limited amount of information we have about the universe (we don't even know how Galaxies are formed), those with thousands of more years under their belt in their  evolvement and understanding of how much more there is to learn about what it actually means to say "nothing" when speaking of no time or space (but needing to agree that that "nothing" apparently had the capacity within it for a Big Bang . . . since it actually happened, didn't it?), none of us can possibly imagine what future knowledge of the possibility of actual spiritual dimensions of love, truth, wisdom, and understanding (real powers which every human (possibly every lifeform) has to deal with on a daily basis require or don't require for their existence.

  Sounds to me like you have a problem with closed mindedness.  I. e. "my mind is made up, don't confuse me with any new possibilities." 

  When you say, "We die forever," I would say it may be quite possible that for those who have not properly used their lives to grow their psyches in the areas of increased love, truth, wisdom, and understanding, then yes, there is nothing much of importance to live on (except for that portion of love, truth, wisdom and understanding they were born with).  So, in a way I guess you're right.  It's a choice thing, isn't it?  It depends on what I think is important in being alive.    Love and Blessings,  Chuck

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