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My garbage disposal makes a loud rattling noise when I run it. I cannot find anything in the drain so what could be causing the noise?

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There are two clear and present choices here-

  1. You garbage disposal is old and the moving parts are loosening up.
  2. The is an object sitting on the impeller plate or stuck is the discharge grate.

Take a light and illuminate the interior of the GD. If you see something, take it out.

Good luck!


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You may have a bent or loose blade. Check your blades to see if they are all in alignment. Just a fraction of a degree off and it will make a terrible noise.

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Unplug your disposal and with a flashlight, look into the disposal. You will see either three or four "cutting blades" in the bottom of the disposal. Look at them closely and compare them to see if a bone or something is stuck in the blades. Reach down into the disposal and move each blade to see if it is free and swivels. Likely one of the blades is either broken or has a foreign object stuck in it. If one of the blades is broken, you will need to replace the disposal.

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