What Is Erectile Dysfunction ?

What Is Erectile Dysfunction ?

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Viagra is an oral medication for the treatment of male impotence.
Infertility (or expansive dysfunction) is settled as the inability to achieve or reassert an building comfortable for sexed relation, and includes the unfitness to get an erection as a termination of sexy stimulant or to regress your construction preceding to exclamation.

Simple:  The erection is not "normal" (no erection at all, poor / parcial erection, too short erection, etc).

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The sexuality of men can be affected by a number of disorders. One of the best known is the erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction. It refers to the inability to ensure sufficient stiffness (ErectionGain) of the male member (penis) for satisfactory sexual intercourse can. This includes neither the required Erection do not reach long enough to be able to maintain. Sexual pleasure (Libido) Is often still present. In time, but can also disappear, the libido, as people so not with their alleged "failure" must be confronted.



Michele Watcher Answered: One of the best known is the erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction .


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In simple terms, erectile dysfunction is the condition where the man cannot maintain an erection for a satisfying sexual intercourse.

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Erectile dysfunction is disorder where men are unable to get penile erection and experience low libido or sexual drive.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction ?

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