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Wood cook stoves how to repair

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  Your question is a bit unclear to me, all I see is “Wood cook stoves how to repair” so I will feel like I might give you the wrong answer here but here goes to the best of my ability. I can only make the assumption that you have broken, missing or worn-out parts that has either rusted or burned thru, so you will need replacement parts. So that makes your question, “where do I get replacement parts?” To do that you will need to find your local foundry (you should be able to find one in your phone book or your local machine shop might be able to tell you where one is) and it wouldn’t necessarily be a very large place. A foundry is a place where they can melt down metal and remanufacture {recast} new parts. Sometimes it might be a small shop and it might not look very inviting either so you will need to be brave.  Take the old parts with you or as many of the broken parts as you can. If it is at all possible, take the entire stove so they can take measurements. Sometimes a foundry will tell you that they don’t have any cast Iron stock so I like to take some extra scrap cast-iron with me that they might be able to use to cast the new parts. Some foundries are so good as to help you reassemble the old stove for you and to give you useful information. I hope this is good information for you.

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