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Oil isn't running out.  Not by a long shot.  We are finding methane deposits and turning that into methanol fuel you can burn in your car without changing a thing.  The problem with oil is they are getting most of it from offshore drilling rigs that leak.  THAT is the reason to change to hydrogen and methanol powered cars.

One thing that puts pressure on our Saudi friends is that we have so much geothermal power.  There is plenty of room for more geothermal plants all along the Aleutians.  They use electrical power to crack water apart for the hydrogen and oxygen. 

Linde is selling liquid hydrogen as fast as they can crack the ocean water and chill it down for transportation.  That is most of what you get as hydrogen fuel for your car.  Some of it comes from cracking ammonia and hydrocarbon fuels.

They have good use for the oxygen they are refining too.  Next time you go to the hospital, chances are that is what you will be breathing.  The thing is, it takes cheap geothermal and nuclear power to refine those clean chemicals.  That is where steamfitters come in.

Steam is natural power and it is clean.  We just put a little bit of it to work before it gets into the atmosphere the way it would have anyway.

What happened to that $15.7 trillion dollars of OUR tax money, Obama?
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