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HI, i would like to ask about my personal problem. I was being confused for a long time if either i have anxiety disease or i was being abused. I was being paranoid when i'm in a crowded places i felt ...

I get the same feeling whenever I check into a new powerplant.  There are always people I have worked with before, and people I have just met, and everyone checks each other out.  When you work with dangerous things you just do that.  You have to.

Then after I get to working with these guys, and learn who is to be trusted and who isn't, then we get closer together as a crew. 

Don't sweat it much.  Hey, I'm always the token blackbird among a bunch of doves so I get a lot of looks.  But after they find out what I can do, I usually fit right in.  After that it is only a matter of doing the job.

What happened to that $15.7 trillion dollars of OUR tax money, Obama?
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