Here is an article I read in titled:Dry cleaners can charge environmental fee:

"QUESTION: On dry cleaning and laundry, there is a 4 percent environmental charge plus the 8.25 percent sales tax. Is this a fee or a tax or what? How is this money used to help the environment, and who administers this program?

ANSWER: It is not a state-mandated fee or tax, but a cost your dry cleaner passes along to customers. Not all dry cleaners do this.

Here’s what the the Texas comptroller’s website says on this issue:

“In 2003, the Texas Legislature established the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program. The program, administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, establishes registration requirements, fees and performance standards for dry cleaning facilities and distributors,” the website says. “Some dry cleaners have chosen to pass along the costs of this program to their customers in the form of higher rates for services while others have decided to separately state a line item charge on the invoice or receipt given to their customers for ‘Environmental Fees’ or something similar.”

If your dry cleaner is charging you under this program, the business must factor that cost into the sales tax calculation.


Well I guess the company have ISO 14001 Training..

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