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What websites are you using to download music for ...

What websites are you using to download music for free? My daughter is using one called Sharsa or something like that. I told her I wanted to check to be sure it was legal. Where do you download for free?

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go to ares.  the site is aresgalaxy.com it is a free site full of music etc and is very easy to use.

I know of no free sites that are adware/spyware free, not to mention infringement of copywrite issues.   The best sites usually have a fee of around 40 bucks for unlimited downloads.  I use iTunes.  The site listed by the above poster, bearshare excellent, is known for adware.

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Piracy is a huge problem in music. Because it is intangible and enjoyed by a large number of people, many consider it should be 'free' to share at will. This is why there are so many 'free' download sites. However, nearly all of these are illegal and are gradually being shut down and their owners fined huge sums of money.

For some reason, people seem to think that musicians can exist on thin air. If they don't get paid for the music they produce (either as composers or performers), how can they pay their bills, clothe themselves, run their car and pay the rent? Piracy is no better than stealing from a musician because every pirated copy deprives the artist of some of their income (and most musicians are NOT multi-millionaire pop stars!).

In general, any site that seems to offer recently-released music 'for free' (or through filesharing) and is not peppered with ads without paying as subscription is 99.9% likely to be illegal.

If you mean 'Shazam', this is a legally run website. Beware of illegal imitations.

Open this site and can download Movies for FREE at any time. http://goo.gl/BejMv

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