Joanne Kelly (Myka Bering) of Warehouse 13 - Has ...

Joanne Kelly (Myka Bering) of Warehouse 13 - Has she been injecting more stuff into her lips to make them look puffy, fatter and fuller ???

I  posted a similar question at the syfy forum however (go figure) that post no longer exists:

so unless syfy can hack into this server maybe we can get the inside scoop. What I noticed was some of her earlier photo's do not look anything like the way she looks now. In her latest warehouse 13 episode her inside lip was getting "stuck" on her teeth, and from the side view her upper lip is now beginning to look like a birds beak.

I say stop the insanity, she looked great before she started messing with a good thing. Now I can hardly focus on the show with that whole bird beak thing thing getting in the way. her lips look puffy, fuller and fat but not all that attractive now, at least not that upper one.

Is she still getting lip injections to make then look bigger, does anyone have photo's (before & after) to post?  Thanks.

This is all I have:  Before Injections and After Injections

You decide, let me know please - thanks.

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Joanne has NOT been injecting anything into her lip.  I've seen a LOT of her work outside of Warehouse 13 and her lips have always looked the same.  I saw her recently at San Diego Comic Con and her lip is as it has always been.

As for the SyFy post, it's gone because people were being down right mean and completely rude.  There is no cause for folks to be that way towards any one period.  Why do people think it is acceptable behavior to disrespect actors online but wouldn't dare do it to their faces?  Why do people think it is acceptable to behave this way but heaven help anyone who talks to them or about them the way folks talk about actors/celebs?  It's wrong.

As to your photos...LOL In one she's smiling showing her teeth and anyone who smiles like that, their upper lip is going to disappear. The other one she's not really smiling so much as she's smirking and you see her lips. Not very good proof of your claim that she's injecting anything into her lip. Her lips are naturally that way. Why can't folks accept that?

I'm not confident in your "her lips have always looked the same" and also your "her lip is as it has always been". I'm really looking for some proof (like many others I'm sure), baby pictures anyone, anyone at all ???  I found more information, one celeb site before shot (mouth closed) and then a wikipedia after shot (mouth closed):

Joanne Kelly Before Injections and Joanne Kelly After Injections

In these two different photo's she's not smiling big, so the pictures are very similar except of course for the second one from wikipedia where it's obvious something is seriously amiss. So I still do not accept that her lips are natural and I seriously doubt that anyone else reading this would agree to that especially since our eyes... tell the truth.

As far as syfy deleting entire pages of posts because of differing opinions, well it's their server and it's their right of course. Nothing worse then conflict, scary questions, discussion or gads... opinion. Next thing you know these "opinions" will start showing up in the newspapers, on tv news and eventually online!

If you are not reading this, then it's because this entire section was deleted because I asked a question and somebody with great power and the correct admin user name and password determined I was being you know... mean.

P.S. SunKrux, are you really Joanne posting here? Seriously, are you?

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LOL It's funny that you're making the assumption that I'm Joanne. I'm just a fan of hers and know she's a fabulous person in real life and doesn't deserve to have people (not specifically you) making such rude and mean comments about her when they don't know her. No, I'm not Joanne (she doesn't come on line) and I still say you're wrong.


The reason the post on SyFy got deleted is because people were being RUDE and calling Joanne ugly names and making rude comments about her. That is totally uncalled for. If you had bothered to go back to the SyFy board before posting here, you would have seen the horrible, rude and mean comments that caused the thread to be deleted. It had nothing to do with your question...just the others who were making rude, mean comments. Asking questions isn't the problem. It's when people make assumptions and use those assumptions to then make rude and uncalled for remarks about someone they don't know and would never say to that person's face if they were ever to meet them.

That website you link is so telling the truth too. *rolleyes*

Here's a recent photo, take at this years San Diego Comic Con...her lips are as they have always been. Also if she were injecting something into her upper lip, it wouldn't move when she talks. If you want to see someone who's had lip injections, check out Lauren Holly, especially when she was on NCIS.  When she spoke on that show, her upper lip never moved.  It was always in a tight straight line and didn't move at all.  When Joanne talks, her entire upper lip moves, always has.

You don't want to believe me that's fine.  I don't believe you.  Joanne lives in Canada because she's from there and in this interview, she specifically states that Hollywood is not part of her world which leads me to believe she doesn't inject anything into her lips.

Really at the end of the day, for me, it doesn't matter if she does or doesn't because she's a talented lady and it doesn't hinder her performance, imho.

You keep believing what you believe.  Even if 20 people come here and tell you the same exact thing I'm telling you, I don't believe you'd even believe them. 

Joanne, sorry, my bad, I meant.... Suncrux, of everything you said I do agree with you that Joanne Kelly is very talented, and in the photo you posted she is expecially beautiful (I really do like her hair), however even in that photo her upper lip is fat inside the edge of the normal upper lip line (you've just posted more proof for the masses, sorry).

No... 20 people saying it's natural wouldn't convince me that it is and 2000 people wouldn't even put a little doubt in my mind. Again, it's not what anyone here or anywhere else (even me) says online that makes it so, it's what the eyes actually see. It's not that "I don't want to believe you", I do want to, however I just can't, my eyes tell me different with no logical explanation for the change. If you would have said she was in an accident or a bad reaction to lipstick, OK I might be able to give you the benefit of the doubt, however words in all honesty... are just words. I'm still looking for photo's of her before she became an actress to make the comparison, so far I'm only getting answers (and weak ones) from you - her one and only favorite fan. Admirable yes, however it still does not answer my question.

Just for the record, so far only one person has posted they believe she has had upper lip injections and you have posted that she has not so as of right now it's one for one. I suspect everyone else is passing by here feels they're at the mall window shopping... possibly forming an opinion but not secure enough in themselves to grab a handful, step inside, and speak up.

I don't know what hollywood has to do with plastic surgery and body enhancement, being from Canada doesn't mean she can't visit any Doctor there or in the states for a flu shot... or a shot of anything else if you know what I'm saying.

I agree with you in that it does not matter if she does or doesn't, she's beautiful and a good actress and I love the concept of warehouse 13 and the show itself, however (and you knew this was coming), when I'm watching the show her upper lip on those close ups (especially the side shots) becomes a ginormous distraction!

OK, does anyone else besides Mrs. Kisses and SunKrux have an opinion or better yet some photo's from the past - looking for some proof that's her lips are natural or not natural and so far I'm convinced they are not, however a photo of her before she began acting, in highschool, in college etc. that shows her lips puffy as they are today will force me to tell Sunkrux she was right all along, and then I'll gracefully move on - thanks all.  Laughing

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Seriously, I am NOT Joanne. Please have some respect for her, especially if you think she's as talented as you say you believe she is. I'm sorry if you think my response was in some way offensive which lead you to respond the way you did. I'm just rather tired of supposed fans calling her names because of her lips and being so judgmental towards her.   So please, let it go. I am not Joanne.   Joanne has said in the podcasts for one of the S1 ep that she does NOT come online.

As I said, you have already made up your mind.  I'm done trying to convince you.  You will more than likely never find any photos of her from her childhood online because, again, she doesn't come online and wouldn't post them even if she did.  She likes her privacy.

The simple fact that she's said (in the interview I linked for you) that Hollywood - which most folks who are celebs living here - tend to use plastic surgery to "enhance" their looks (or so many belive it enhances their looks) because that is the nature of the beast known as Hollywood - isn't part of her world. Joanne doesn't live here. Yes she could go see a doctor anywhere to have her lips injected but again I do not believe it. As for the photo I shared, her lips are not nearly as big as the one you keep using. That photo is from a year or more ago and the one I posted is from about a month ago now. It is possible that the reason in your photo her lips look larger is because of how she's holding them. But again, you believe what you want as I will believe that you're wrong. I find it funny that you're so willing to believe every single photo that you and I have shared when in this day and age anyone can photoshop any photo to make the person or thing in it look totally different than what they look like naturally. I'm not saying that any of the photos we've shared have had that happen, but it's possible.


Enjoy your quest to find out what I already believe.  Have a nice life.

She was in Solar Attack (yeah its a Canada flick). I dont know what year it was made, but her lips look the! Her nose does look a lot different though.  Slightly more narrow, with a little more upward curvature. Any thoughts?

Errrrr, not from photoshop - sorry.

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These are 2 closest angle head shots I could find from the IMDB photo gallery.  Something about her looks so different that watching Warehouse 13 was distracting and I had to try to google it to try to figure out why she looked different to me.  To me her nose and lips look different.  If she has had plastic surgery, I think she was pretty before.

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