Does anyone take Entertainers seriously?

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I certainly don't.

I don't.  Actually, I am tired of them. 

"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"

People enjoy the MOTION PICTURES, MUSIC, TELEVISION, PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, and other realms of entertainment; however, the biographical profiles of the entertainers are fictional. NO!-entertainers should not be taken seriously !  People relate to the characters within a given work and the actors and actresses who portray those characters are not relevant to the work/storyline !

To get in with this crew you have to eat nails for breakfast and wrestle cougars for their lunch.  And if you lose that fight with the cougar, it means you ain't got the gear to get back in after you are out of the hospital.

Entertainers ain't got what it takes to do that.

Be a real man or a real woman. Either way forgive those that will meet you half way and those that won't get to learn street law -- the hard way.

I haven't since the Bed Time for Bonzo star became president, Ronnie Reagan.

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