End of America10

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Ahhh, a 49.99 dollar sales pitch....needed more pictures ...very long and repetitive .....i felt dissapointed when it came to the end and asked for money through a link...Cry

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Is this the end

nobody knows when the end of the world will b. Except GOD

Is the world coming to an end?

Only God knows. But I heard on this show about global warming that earth is getting a lot warmer. Since earth is getting warmer, there will be more and more hurricanes like right now, but more later on. Radialabs

Is This The End?

The Mayans worshiped FALSE gods. HERE IS THE REAL SCRIPTURE Word of God. The Signs and The Figtree: Part 1 Today, I’m going to begin the topic of the ‘signs’ that Jesus gave us to watch for in the endtime, and then the ‘parable of the fig tree’ that Jesus Himself ...

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