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Is there a link between genetics and ability to control anger?

I come from a family of hotheads. Most of us have problems with controlling our anger. Is this a learned behavior or is there a predisposition genetically?
  Posted 4 years ago about "Anger Management: 5 Ways to Manage Anger through Buddhism Teachings"


Why does dfrogpong feel such bitterness, rejection, and anger?

Scanning AOL Answers, I have found a great number of brilliant academics who tried to share their accumulated knowledge. Our solitary former Democrat has been so often humiliated ...
  Posted 12 days ago .


Why did Tadpole get kicked out of radical islam?

You gotta be pretty low down to get kicked out of Islam. I mean, they are only degenerates and criminals any way but Tadpole could get kicked out cause she is too worthless for ...
  Posted 11 days ago .

Asked: is still here?? STUHUNTER!!! Remember him from the Political Conundrum message board on the old AOL board? Would anyone like to know more about Stuhunter? There is so much to ...
  Posted 3 months ago .


Why is it important to determine the sidereal rotation rate of the sun

why is it important to determine the sidereal rotation rate of the sun
  Posted 8 days ago .