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If his chest hurt badly he wouldn't have been asking about his breath. He would have been asking why his chest hurts so much. Part of being a real doctor is listening to your patient. If you're too busy bloviating like a pompous arse, you might miss something important.

Now run along. There's a donkey with a boil who needs your expert attention.

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Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Tadpole, if anyone has bad enough breath so that brushing and flossing will not cure it definitively, then look for something we professionals know of by years of advanced education, working rounds, clinic hours, and patient care.


Leftists become pompous, assume the wrong things, ignore anything outside the extremist limitations of the "Marxist thought box" but that, my friend, is an invitation to death.  When you malevolent leftists cause death by prescribing such quackery as Obamacare the result is obvious.


Try to be more rational, openminded, and thorough, than your extremist Marxist brainwashing permits.  When you rise up above that then you are a rational thinking entity, instead of a stereotypical brain dead leftist.


Perhaps a little training in rational thought would help you get past all that narrow-minded leftist liberal programming.  BTW, the school of Veterinary Medicine, at UW Pullman, would offer you training in how to deal with equine cysts.  If you could be accepted for postsecondary education (leftists seldom qualify because of their attitude problems) then they could certainly show you the protocol for that disorder.


Meanwhile, please leave medicine to persons who have been properly educated.

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Rocmike I am truly impressed. Only 4 hours of posting under Southern, Dr. Kelly and Anonymous. It was almost like you haven't posted today. I hope you found a hobby or something else to keep you busy. You will find that life isn't that bad and you may come away with a better outlook.

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