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Sometimes I cannot click on a link sent to me in an email. There is also no button on top saying "enable links" or "always enable links from this sender," etc. How can I click on a link in that case ...


Is it possible it's not a fully formed link?  Can you highlight, copy, and paste the address into your web browser?

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Just now when I clicked on your reply in my email, I got the "enable links" button to get here, but I usually don't get that. Sometimes it's a picture to click on that's a link, but nothing happens if I click on it. My workaround is to forward the email to another of my AOL screennames in order to get the "enable links" buttons.


Can you go to Settings and make sure neither  'Hide images in mail from unknown senders' or 'Disable links in mail from unknown senders' are selected?


where is my setting button


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