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My previous employer fought my unemployment ...

My previous employer fought my unemployment payments, I appealed and won.

Now my previous employer is appealing the total unemployment I collected until I found another job. Which was 3 months worth about $4,400.00. Now what? How long does this go on? I'm a wreck! 

I am sure this is being done just to keep their rates down.  I have done nothing wrong.  I worked with my previous employer for over 11 years.  I was the 2nd to the highest paid position there other than management.

What can I do to stop this once an for all.  Enough all ready! 

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I went through the samething, and continued to fight and WON!!!! Don't give up, thats what they want. You already proved your case....and won....let them drag it on and keep fighting, you don't pay anything till the final paperwork is in!

Good Luck

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