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What is the minimum oxygen count (spo2%) that will determine oxygen supplementation. example: 91-88-86?

what is the minimum oxygen count (spo2%) that will determine oxygen supplementation. example: 91-88-86?

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It will not be an exact number.


Here is a picture of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve.

What you need to get from this is that when your oxygen saturation is 90%, you are standing at the edge of a cliff. Anything that further lowers the oxygen saturation (y-axis) is result in a precipitous decline in the amount of oxygen that is being carried by your blood. Conversely, if  you lower the partial pressure of oxygen, like going to Denver, you will dramatically lower the oxygen saturation of the blood.


A key point is that exercise will sometimes cause a big drop in oxygen even when your oxygen levels are OK at rest.

91% saturation is close to being suspect, if not outright suspect. Anything below 90% would make me think that you should have some prongs in your nose supplying some extra oxygen.

My aunt was on oxygen for a long time. Except when she would take it off and go outside to smoke. Can you believe it?


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I'm a female and was tested low oxygen; What does that mean?

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