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How can I be an Emotionally mature women?

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usually maturity is a matter of both time and experience.  if you learn from your experiences, and you think before you act, and you are smart, you will learn to be emotionally mature.

I wouldn't wanna be in a club that wouldn't let me in...

The key actually lies in first understanding what emotions are, and how they work.  Secondly understanding the purpose and how emotions differ from other parts of the human make-up.  For example, emotions are more like water, you can't base any kind of dicision on them because they only serve as a release mechanisom.  If you want a predicatable outcome, your decisions have to be made based on facts, what is real and truthful, regarless of what you feel or simply think.  Once you can see the distinction, you become mature.  remember you can't drive a car on water, nor can you make decisions on emotions.

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