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Embedding Macro in and Excel Workbook

I am very new to creating excel Macros.  I used a guide to create a Insert Date macro. I then inserted a small picture of a calendar and assigned my macro to it.  The function works perfectly fine on my computer, but when viewed on another computer, clicking on the calendar results in the error message "File Personal.xls not found."  I know it is because the macro file must only be saved on my computer and a friend has told me I have to somehow embed the file in the worksheet.  However I have no idea how to do this and have been unable to figure it out.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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You can either put your macros in Personal.xls which loads up when Excel is started or in the actual book you're working with.  To move it out of the Personal.xls open Excel and press Alt-F11 to bring up Visual Basic.  On the left you should see the Project window with any open files in.  Find Personal.xls and click the + to expand.  Do the same for Modules and find your macro.  Copy the code and find your new book in the Project window and, if needed right click on the filename and select Insert - Module then paste the code into the new module.  You'll will then need to reassign the macro to make it point to the new location.

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