Discuss Denny's answer to: Elton John--most well known homosexual?

Elton John was quoted as saying that he is the most well known homosexual in the world. Do you think that this is "cocky" or a reality? Do you think that his success as a musician could have been ...

Well, honestly, he is probably the most well known homosexual in the world. He was one of the first to admit it openly to Rolling Stone Mag. This, at first, I believe hurt his career (there were a few years there that things went downhill) because at that time this was not as accepable as it is now. And does his sexuality really matter?? He still has the same feelings as everyone else and putting that into music and lyrics (along with Bernie Taupin) that has touched so many of us is amazing. His life was not easy so I agree with Caxie-he's earned the right to be a bit cocky. He's a wonderful musician, has a huge heart and is extremely generous. Read up on him you will be surprised, I believe, at what you'll find out about him.

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