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I believe I am being secretly video taped in my home how can I find out if this is true

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Are you for real? Go in the attic and look for wires. Do you rent? I only feel that way when I am in public places like dressing rooms or public bathrooms but it could be happening. Less likely if you own your home. Check bathroom fans and light fixtures. Check the attic and under the house home or apartment if it is not on a concret slab. Good luck if you are it will be hard to prove who is watching you and few laws exist but there are some. My first thought is to say no but it is not unheard of. Here is the search engine for AOL who uses google search. It is not as uncommon as we'd like to think. I would have sent you one link but there are too many cases to report just one link http://search.aol.com/aol/search?query=secretly+video+taped+in+home&s_it=keyword_rollover&c.userid=-2348196352587276197

Ask yourself a series of questions, write them down and follow a series of procedures.
does the person want to see me undressed ? Where is it that I get undressed ? Look for ANY small holes ( may look like a "nail hole" ,nail placed in wall for anyreason, then pulled out ) look in the corners of walls on cellings, floors for any tiny holes. Because they are now selling r-c [remote control] 'eyeballs' that can send the picture (pix) several feet away [inside books, portable radios,microphones (yes, that you talk into!) LOOK OUTSIDE for any suspect car parked outside your house for any extended period, that is not suppose to be there.
last but not least...........suspect ANY gift that you place in your house, home in such a way that may view you.
Take any AM radio and tune it to a "non-radio station", you should hear a "whooooing" sound. Walk around the house and if the " whooooing" shound changes as you walk past a object, you may have a signal transmitting "eyeball"

Hope this helps..........

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