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Electrical wires: Ground, Red, White...Green?

I am installing a new light fixture in my house. There is the ground wire, red wire, black wire, and a green wire. I have hooked this up every way possible but it keeps shorting out. Can someone tell me whqat the green wire is and what I should do with it?

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I believe the green wire suppose to ground the base of the lamp. It should be wired from the base of the lamp to the ground wire. As for the other wires, they should be wired exactly like you've said ground,hot and neutral.

The green wire is another ground wire and should be connected with the bare ground wire. Are you using wire connectors when you are connecting your white to white and your black to black or are you just twisting the wires together and leaving it?

Another possibility is that you have aluminum wiring in your house and are trying to install a fixture with copper wiring. t is easy to tell if your home has aluminum wiring—the metal under the insulation is almost white instead of copper colored. Aluminum and copper wires should be connected with a wire connector specifically rated for this purpose. Otherwise, copper and aluminum will react with each other, possibly leading to a loose connection and creating a fire hazard.

Double check the instructions that came with the fixture also to see if you are missing a step.

Good luck and best wishes. 

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Green and brown are ground wires, sometime it's one wire that's covered in 2 color plastic, sometimes it's 2 wires.


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I have 2 black wires, 2 red wires, and a green the light fitting has a green blue and brown wire what should i do?  

The grounding wires will be either green or bare copper from the ceiling box."green and bare copper together"

red is a 120v hot power lead wire.if fan/ light "red and blue together"

black is a second hot power lead wire 120 volts .wired to a second wall switch.if you only have one switch on the wall wire nut  and electrical tape it off. it will not help you controll a  fan /light  independently.

white is a neutral." white and white together "

in fan/ light installs the black wire is used if you have a second switch in the wall that will turn the fan on separate of the light switch from the fan wire .most of the time will be BLUE for the light, you will run the red to the blue wire in a single wall switch assembly.and run red to blue and black to blackif you have  a second wall switch. white to white.bare copper /green together.

the black wire to the fan motor only if you have a 2nd wall switch . if you have a second wall switch look to see if it's a black wire and black wire together. Turn off the power from the fuse box and remove the cover it should be black in and black out wires thats means 120volts in and out .the switch just stops the power.

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