Electric candles in window sills? what does it mean?

What does it mean when someone puts electric candles in the window sills of their house? Is this a religion thing?

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People used to put lit candles in the windows to help someone find their way there. That was before electric lights and the world was a pretty dark place. Neighborhoods didn't exist like now. It was easier to find a place in the dark if there was a light to guide you. Then it became somewhat symbolic. For example, if your husband went off to war. It shows that you're waiting for someone to come home.

(Flameless) Electric lights people use now are just good common sense. They're safer then a lit candle.
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their trying to draw fire-flies, aksualy that is a brod general kwishten. some do it for religious rezons, some do it bekauze they like the pertty lights.

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It is a jewish minora.. The bible tells of a story about this

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It is a religious tradition to decorate windows with candles during holidays as Christmas, Hanukka, Halloween and so on. Nowadays the wax candles are often replaced with electric candles installed in window sills.

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Hi venturamicky. Do you know where that story of the candles in the windows is written in the Bible?

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